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2000 Title PDF
Issue 3

Hong Huat Development Co (Pte) Ltd v. Hiap Hong & Co Pte Ltd, OM No 12 of 1999, unreported
High Court judgement. Appeal against Arbitrators award – whether employer is liable for interest arising from architects’ late certification – whether employer is liable for architects’ negligence-liability of architects towards Contractor.

Hong Huat Development Co (Pte) Ltd v Hiap Hong & Co Pte Ltd [2000] 2
SLR 609

Application for leave to appeal against Arbitration award under s 28 of the Arbitration Act - the time limit for applying and the point from which time begins to run – application of Nema principles.

Lum Chang Building Contractors Pte Ltd v Anderson Land Pte Ltd [2000] 2 SLR 261
Application for leave to appeal against Arbitrators’ award under s 23 (2) of the Arbitration Act - whether it was necessary for the High Court to adopt the arbitrator’s award after it was published - the time limit to apply for leave to set aside the award under section 23(2).

Issue 2 New Civilbuild Pte Ltd v. Guobena Sdn Bhd and The Tai Ping Insurance Co Ltd, Suit No 46 of 1998
- Soil condition - non-disclosure and misrepresentation - taking back work from the contractor.
- Damages suffered and loss incurred as a result of delay - Payment of progress payment claims withheld - whether call on performance bond was fraudulent or unconscionable - whether order discharging interlocutory injunction is final.
Issue 1 Lee Sian Teck Chartered Architects v Chuang Uming (Pte) Ltd and Setron Limited
- Joint Liability of Contractor and Design Consultant for Defects in works - pinciple and effect of joint judgement - circumstances in which joint liability will be imposed - effect of apportionment of liability inter se by the courts impact of decision on allocation of risks.


1999 Title PDF
Issue 4 GHL Pte Ltd vs Unitrack Building Construction Pte Ltd and Anot (Unreported) Civil Appeal No. 20 of 1999
- Performance bond - revision of contract sum - interim injunction to restrain receipt of payment under the bond - whether conduct of beneficiary unconscionable.
Issue 3 Interpro Engineering Pte Ltd v Sin Heng Construction Co Pte Ltd [1998] 1 SLR 694
- Sub-Contract - claim for payment for work done - effect of "pay when paid" clause - whether effective to prevent plaintiffs from being paid until defendants received payments from other party.
Issue 2 RSO Architects Planners & Engineers (Reglad Squire & Partners F.E.) v The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 1075 & Anor... Civil Appeal No 246 of 1998. [unreported]
- Singapore: Architects' Duty of Care To Management Corporations of Condominium Developments for Economic Loss
Issue 1 SG Industrial Pte Ltd vs Eros Electrical Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd, Suit no.1187 of 1992 unreported
- Termination of sub-construct - Main contractor claimed damages arising from termination - Counterclaim by sub-contractor for damages for loss of profit.


1998 Title PDF
Issue 1 Raymond Construction Pte Ltd v Low Yang Tong & Anor (yet unreported) in suit no. 1715 of 1995
- Damages for defective works and defect liability period - proper method to be used to value variations - acceptance of defective works by Architect or employer.


1997 Title PDF
Issue 1 San International Pte Ltd v Keppel Engineering Pte
Ltd (Suit no. 411 of 1996)

- Performance bond - injunction to restrain payment pursuant to call made on the bond.


1996 Title PDF
Issue 3 RSP Architects & Engineers v Ocean Front Pte Ltd [1996] 1 SLR 113
- Claim for pure economic loss - management corporations.
Issue 2 Kum Leng General Contractor v Hytech Builders Pte Ltd [1996] 1 SLR 751, High Court, Singapore
Building contract - delay in completion of building works by sub-contractor causing delay to main contractor - main contractor purporting to exercise right of set-off against progress payments due to sub-contractor - construction of contract - whether main contractor has a right of set -off at law or under sub-contract.
Issue 1 Re An Arbitration Between Hainan Machinery Import and Export Corporation and Donald & Mcarthy Pte Ltd [1996] 1 SLR 34
- Arbitration - enforcement of foreign award - International Arbitration Act 1994.