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1995 Title PDF
Issue 4 Bocotra Construction Pte Ltd & Ors v Attorney General (No 2) 1995 2 SLR 733
- Performance Bonds - whether proof of default in performance of contract required before call for payment under bond - interim injunction to restrain cell - whether Court should examine disputes relating to the underlying contract-whether balance of convenience test relevant injunction was whether there is fraud or conscionability.
Issue 3 Re An Arbitration between Bocotra Construction Pte Ltd & Ors and Public Works Department, Government of the Republic of Singapore [1995] 1 SLR 567
- Claim against PWD by contractors - interim injunction granted by the arbitrator restraining call on the bond - declaratory order against the Government - powers of the arbitrator - SIAC Rules.
Issue 2 Walter Wright Mammoet (Singapore) Pte Ltd v. Resources Development Corp Pte Ltd [1994] 3 SLR 121
- Insurance - clause in sub-contract required plaintiffs to "provide insurance for the beam, all equipments, machineries and personnel" - claim by plaintiffs against the defendants in negligence, and breach and repudiation of contract - defence that because of the insurance clause - the plaintiffs were not entitled to pursue claim against defendants for damage to the equipment.
Issue 1 Arum Building Services (Pte) Ltd v Greatearth Construction Pte Ltd [1994] 3 SLR 330, High Court, Singapore
Construction subcontract - alleged right to set off claim against the subcontractor - architect's interim certificate - entitlement of subcontractor to summary judgment on certified amount - whether a stay of proceedings for reference to arbitration on the application of the main contractor should be allowed.

New Publications - Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada


1994 Title PDF
Issue 3 Sim & Associates (sued as a firm) v Alfred Tan [1994] 3 SLR 169, Court of Appeal, Singapore
Construction contract - Defective works - Negligence of Architect - Duties of Architect in Certifying and Supervision.

Ahong Construction (s) Pte Ltd v United Boulevard Pte Ltd [1994] 2 S L R 735
- Construction contract - Leave to Appeal from Arbitrator's award - Nema Guidelines - Question of whether Arbitrator's decision not to award interest constitutes strong prima facie case that Arbitrator is wrong.
Issue 2 Engineering Construction Pte Ltd v Attorney General [1994] 1
SLR 687

- Construction contract - issue of certificate that works ought reasonably to have been completed by superintending officer - validity of certificate.

Chartered Electronics Industries Ltd v The Development Bank of Singapore Ltd; Suit no. 485 of 1990 (unreported)
- Performance bond - injunction to restrain call on bond - question of fraud.
Issue 1 Legislation - The Application of English Law Act 1993


1993 Title PDF
Issue 3 Assoland Construction Pte Ltd v Malayan Credit Properties Pte Ltd [1993] 3 SLR 470
- SIA standard form contract - interim certificates -summary judgment and right of set-off - delay certificate issued - whether architect's grant of extension of time valid - effect of implied undertaking.
Issue 2 Engineering Construction Pte Ltd v. Attorney General & Anor [1993] 1 SLR 390
- Government contract - delay in completion - whether employer entitled to deduct liquidated damages.
Issue 1 Engineering Construction Pte Ltd v. Attorney General & Anor [1993] 1 SLR 390
- Government contract - delay in completion - whether employer entitled to deduct liquidated damages.

People's Park Chinatown Devt Pte Ltd (in liquidation ) v Schindler Lifts (S) Pte Ltd [1993] 1SLR 591
- Contract - implied term - installation of escalators - whether escalators had become fixtures - passing of property - whether the suppliers of escalators can unfix escalators and retake possession of them.


1992 Title PDF
Issue 2 Issue 2 of 1992: Legislation - Limitation (Ammendment) Act 1992

Seal Offers in Arbitration Cases
Issue 1 Issue 1 of 1992: Legislation - Act No. 22 of 1992 amending Limitation Act (Cap. 163)

Palmer & Anor v Dunford Ford (a firm) and Anor 9-CLD-08-08

- Liability of Expert Witnesses for Negligence.

Quadrant Visual Communications Ltd & Ors v Hutchinson Telephone (UK) Ltd & Anor 9-CLD-07-31
Exclusion of court's discretion on "equitable set off by the terms of the contract".