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The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract - An Annotation
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Title The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract - An Annotation

In the late seventies, the Singapore Institute of Architects took the first step to localise the form of standard contracts for the private sector of the building industry in Singapore. It engaged the services of an eminent construction practitioner from England, Duncan Wallace QC, to draft a set of standard forms of contract and subcontract to suit local conditions. In these new forms of contract, first published in 1980, the opportunity was taken to introduce some changes to the then existing standard building contracts.

An important feature of the new forms of contract was the regulation by means of the architect's certificates of deductions by the employer from monies due to the contractor, making the certificate a condition precedent to the employer's right to deduct. The first of so far only a sprinkling of cases on the standard form which have gone before the courts, Tropicon Contractors Pte Ltd v Lojan Properties Pte Ltd [1989] 3 M L J 216; on appeal [1991] 2 M L J 70, raised this very point, and gave the courts an opportunity to consider this new regulation of the financial relationship between employer and contractor.

The SIA forms of contract are something specially Singaporean, as some of their provisions are not found in standard contracts in other jurisdictions. But, although these forms have been in use for almost twenty years, with several editions introduced in the meantime to meet problems which have been uncovered, there is hardly any literature that attempts a detailed exposition of their provisions or an explanation of how they apply to the day-to-day practice of the construction industry. In these still largely uncharted waters, a commentary by persons experienced in the field, I am sure, would be of great value, especially to those who do not have an intimate knowledge of the new forms.

The book is the result of a unique collaboration between practitioners in building contract law and those with the practical experience of administering building contracts. The exposition of the contractual provisions and the law is always set against the background of practical experience. The book is the richer for that. Its publication is long overdue. It should prove to be a useful reference material for anyone who has to work with these standard forms of contract.

Forword by Warren L H Khoo Formerly Judge Supreme Court Singapore