Some of the books which members of our firm are involved are:

Singapore Civil Procedure - The White Book 2003
The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract - An Annotation
Building & Construction title of Halsbury's Laws of Singapore
Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia
The Singapore Court Forms and Precedents
Atkin's Court Forms, Singapore
Case Studies in Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
Construction Defects: Your Rights and Remedies
Chapter on Construction Contracts in Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore

Title Singapore Court Forms and Precedents

This book is written by a Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, a practising lawyer and an academic. Each has brought to bear on the work of his experience and perspective. The book contains forms and precedents relating to general proceedings in the Supreme Court. The topics are covered largely in the order in which they appear in the Rule of Court 1996. This volume deals with the commencement of proceedings (bringing with a chapter on Writs of Summons: Orders 5 and 6) to the procedure on Offer to Settle (Order 22A). It is the writer's intention to bring out, in due course, a second volume which will deal with Security for Costs (order 23) through to Appeal (Order 57).

Each chapter begins with a summary of the rules regulating the topic covered therein. The writers provide, in the paragraph notes, an extensive citation in the local and Malaysian authorities relevant to the points made in the text. In relation to certain provisions, such as on O 14, r 12 (determination of questions of law or construction of documents) and O 22A (Offers to Settle), where there are as yet few local cases, liberal references are made, in the relevant chapters, to the pertinent English and Commonwealth authorities. The Forms are annotated in the appropriate places in order to facilitate cross-reference to the relevant comments made in the introductory notes.