Some of the books which members of our firm are involved are:

Singapore Civil Procedure - The White Book 2003
The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract - An Annotation
Building & Construction title of Halsbury's Laws of Singapore
Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia
The Singapore Court Forms and Precedents
Atkin's Court Forms, Singapore
Case Studies in Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
Construction Defects: Your Rights and Remedies
Chapter on Construction Contracts in Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore

Title Halsbury's Laws of Singapore

Up to now, Halsbury's Laws of England has been widely accepted by Singapore lawyers as a useful starting point for their legal research. However, with the development of a strong, self-reliant local jurisprudence, it has become evident that Singapore requires a parallel work dedicated specifically to Singapore law and its interpretation. Consequently, this year Butterworth Asia will commence publishing the most extensive and definitive reference ever available for Singapore lawyers - Halsbury's Laws of Singapore.

Written specifically for the legal profession in Singapore by a panel of distinguished local practioneers and academics, Halsbury's Laws of Singapore provides a narrative statement covering all core areas of law and practice.

Halsbury's Laws of Singapore has commenced publishing in January 1999 with two core titles: Arbitration (written by Mr Lawrence Boo) and Building and Construction (written by George Tan and Mr Philip Chan).

Extracted from The Singapore Lawyer Volume 2:2