Some of the books which members of our firm are involved are:

Singapore Civil Procedure - The White Book 2003
The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract - An Annotation
Building & Construction title of Halsbury's Laws of Singapore
Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia
The Singapore Court Forms and Precedents
Atkin's Court Forms, Singapore
Case Studies in Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
Construction Defects: Your Rights and Remedies
Chapter on Construction Contracts in Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore

Title Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia

Our Mr George Tan and Mr Raymond Chan, have co-authored a book entitled "Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia". The other two authors are Mr Nigel Robinson and Mr Anthony P Lavers.

The first edition of Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia provided for the first time, a text which offered an explanation of local law and practice in the light of local standard forms of contract, legislation and case law. Like the construction industries and legal systems from the region, this book has developed and moved in new directions as well as building upon existing strengths.

The second edition contains the most comprehensive treatment ever of legislation affecting the construction process locally and local forms of contract. The digest of major reported cases has been expanded to take account of the increase in construction litigation in Singapore and Malaysia in the last decade.

This new edition reflects a period of enormous growth in the construction industry, producing many projects which are literally landmarks. It also reflects the problems which such growth inevitably brings and how the industry and legal system seek to address them. It will prove to be absolutely essential to the construction industry and construction lawyers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Those who would like to purchase a copy of the book can contact Butterworths Singapore.